Det pt ikke længere muligt at købe løsopskrifter på min webshop eller tilgå tidligere købte opskrifter desværre.
Indtil videre kan du stadig købe mine løsopskrifter på Ravelry
Ydermere kan jeg hellere ikke yde nogen form for support.
For nu kan du stadig købe bøger.


You can only download the patterns 5 times.

It is important that you remember to download your pattern to your computer or device.

I am sorry if there is something that has you confused or are not explained in a way that makes sense to use. Unfortunately I am not able to offer one-on-one help. 

I am currently working on adding a lot more video-guides to all the patterns, so hopefully some of them can help you.

No sorry, if it’s not already available in my shop I cannot help you at the moment.

I am slowly adding more patterns from my books to the site, but can’t promise when a specific pattern will be available.

I suggest you sign up to my ‘Crochet News’ and maybe also follow me on Instagram, where I will let you know when patterns has been added.

So far I do not have a big selection but I will soon add more.

Some videos will be available for free on my Youtube-channel, some will only be available when purchasing a specific pattern.

All this information you find under each pattern in my webshop.

This is so hard for me to say! I am currently trying to figure out how to classify the patterns and what variables to take in consideration - some patterns might be easy if you look at what stitches are used but may take a LONG time to crochet!

Of course you can, but it is not something I can just give you a quick-fix answer to.

I am sorry that few patterns for garments does not come in a lot of sized. Designing garments and grading them, I still find a very difficult discipline.

I hope to get better at this and of course I want to work towards being more more size-inclusive as my skills grow.

Yes of course. But depending on how experienced you are with different types of yarn, I would recommend you might get help from your local yarn shop.

I am not able to help you decide whether a specific yarn that you are considering using, will work with the pattern.

Always try to match the gauge that is listed in the pattern, but also be aware that different types of fibres have different qualities and will behave differently.

No, you are not allowed to use my patterns in any commercial way.

No I am sorry.

Yes I have had so much fun crocheting the characters and rockets inspired by the TinTin-universe for my son (and husband ;) )

But no sorry - I don't have any patterns and even if I did, I could not share them/sell them since I don't have the right to do so.

I have already made an inquiry to the copyright holders of the work of Hergé, about the possibility for some kind of collaboration or buying a license and it is unfortunately not an option right now.

As a designer I of course have to respect that, just as I expect others to respect my rights.

Bogen er i E-Pub format og du skal bruge en E-bogslæser til at læse den i.

Åben en ePub fil:

En ePub fil kan åbnes med flere forskellige programmer, eks.Adobe Digital Editions eller Calibre. Begge programmer fås til Windows og Mac OS X. Calibre fås også til Linux.•Adobe Digital Editions (http://www.adobe.com/solutions/ebook/digital-editions.html)•Calibre (http://calibre-ebook.com/)

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•iBooks (installeret som standard)

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•Aldiko (http://www.aldiko.com/)Aldiko er en ePub læser til Android styresystemer

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You can purchase my patterns and books here in my shop. 

You can also find the patterns on Ravelry.

Some yarn- and bookshops carry a collection of my books.

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